ColegauCymru welcomes the new Plaid Cymru Leader


Congratulations to Adam Price on becoming the new leader of Plaid Cymru. ColegauCymru looks forward to working with Adam and his party on safeguarding access to quality post-16 academic, vocational and technical pathways in communities across the whole of Wales.

ColegauCymru would like to thank Leanne Wood for her support to the sector as former leader of Plaid Cymru, and looks forward to future collaborations with both Leanne and Rhun who has been a valued advocate of Welsh FE since becoming an AM.

During the leadership race, Mr. Price pledged to introduce a 1p income tax increase in order to boost Welsh education by £1bn. ColegauCymru welcomes further discussion on the detail and plans for post-16 education funding allocation and turning this pledge into reality.

Iestyn Davies, CEO ColegauCymru, said “It’s reassuring to hear that education remains a priority for the new leader. Committed to providing education, training and skills in communities for communities, their core mission is to provide for the civic community. Ensuring that colleges and further education are financially sound through Welsh Government core funding allocation to the level they deserve is now crucial”.

He continued, “ColegauCymru published a report looking at the economic benefits of colleges in Wales which found that the monetary return to the Welsh economy is a staggering £4bn a year. This conclusively shows not only the value but the significant contribution made by FE colleges to Wales”.

He concluded, “As we move into both a new academic and political year, we look forward to the opportunities being brought about by the many changes across the Welsh political landscape and look forward to continued partnership with all parties”.

ColegauCymru Cross Party Group meeting of the new academic year is on 9 October 2018 discussing “Funding for the Future” in Tŷ Hywel. This is an invitation only event – if you would like to attend, please register your details at and an invite will follow shortly.