ColegauCymru / CollegesWales is a charity and limited company that raises the profile of further education among decision-makers in order to improve educational opportunities in Wales. It is a member-led body, representing all 13 further education colleges and institutions in Wales.

FFORWM SERVICES LIMITED was founded in 1995 and has its registered office in Cardiff. Fforwm Services Limited is a Private Limited Company registered with Companies House and is a wholly owned subsidiary of ColegauCymru.

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The further education sector in Wales

Wales' further education (FE) colleges / institutions are not-for-profit. More than half of their funding is received from the Welsh Government. They also receive income from their work with businesses, contracted services, and international activity.

They vary considerably in size, number and type of students and the range of programmes and services offered. The majority offer both academic and vocational programmes. Some have developed specialisms in particular vocational sectors, such as land-based, marine engineering, and food technology. Some have steered a strong direction towards engaging particular sections of the population, for example, adults returning to learning, international students, or training for businesses.

The FE sector is a key player in helping to deliver the Welsh Government's aims to widen participation, tackle social exclusion and stimulate economic regeneration.

  • In 2014/15 more than 150,000 learners were enrolled at further education institutions in Wales.
  • Two-thirds of all 16-18 year old learners in Wales choose to study at colleges.
  • Most learners are adults. In 2014/15, 57% of colleges' learners were adults over the age of 19. Most studied part-time.

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At ColegauCymru / CollegesWales we are always looking to engage with like-mind professionals to join our contractors register. To successfully join the register, we require a strong record of accomplishment in the Post-16 education and skills sector, with exceptional research or development skills.......

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15-12-2017 :- Regional aid post-Brexit – what next for Wales’ Further Education sector?

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Launch of report highlights economic value of FE colleges to economy in Wales

ColegauCymru has released a new report which demonstrates the major financial impact that the sector has on the Welsh economy, estimated to be worth an additional £4 billion every year. .... more


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